Scheduling & Programs


All individual sessions, online or in person, are tailored for your own particular needs, they are designed specifically for a symbiotic energy exchange that is taking place while we heal, learn & grow together. Prices & programs offered vary from case to case and will be established during your first introductory session.


Scheduling & Programs

This is my most exclusive service and is designed for those who wishes to have a direct intensive in person interaction where an energy exchange is taking place while we hold the sessions in the comfort and privacy of your own home, in the center where I am located or in a mutually suitable location. 

Due to the situation-specific nature of this service, please contact me directly.


All the sessions are confidential and treated with utmost respect. All payments are to be made in advance through PayPal or Bank transfer. Transfer fees are covered fully by the client. In the rare event that I am unable to keep your appointment at the last minute, I will immediately inform you and no fee will be payable, unless you are happy to reschedule. Please note that online sessions price varies from in person sessions and that all coaching programs are valid for 3, 6 or12 months depending on the number of sessions allocated. If you request an appointment, I will keep that time open for you for a little while. As my time books up fast, priority will be offered to clients on a first come first serve basis. It is up to you therefore to confirm your session time promptly after it is offered, as I cannot guarantee that I will be able to keep that time open for you. Uncompleted sessions will not be credited or refunded. This incentivizes you to keep to the commitment you've made.





If cancellation/reschedule is necessary, I require that you cancel at least 48 hours in advance. Appointments are in high demand, and your advanced notice will allow another client access to that appointment time. Be advised that your cancellation/reschedule does not guarantee you will be able to re-book an appointment within the same week. I advise that at the same time of your cancellation, you also reserve your new preferred appointment time by booking a new appointment immediately. Once we have scheduled an appointment time, and you have completed your payment exchange, this confirms your session or package. Appointments cancelled or missed at the last minute without prior notice will incur a cancellation charge of the full cost of the session.

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You have the option to set up a secure 2 months payment plan via PayPal. Your first payment will be billed at the time of purchase. The 2nd payment will be automatically withdrawn from the card or account you provide, beginning 30 days after purchase.

Payment plans are available only for larger programs.

For more information about these programs and their details please contact me directly.

Neten is a beautiful human, with an air of peace and lightness that is truly relaxing. Her way of inquiring and gently flowing through conversations and thought trains lead to construction conclusions and personal realizations. Her presence alone reminds you that peace and happiness is derived from within, and that finding your center is more and act of non-doing, more than anything else. Truly blessed to have met and shared with Neten.


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Conscious gratitude plays an important role in life balance. Make a difference in someone’s life by gifting them a 1:1 coaching session to which I will also add one more session. All you have to do is fill in the form and send the donation. I will then contact the person and schedule the sessions.


By participating to the Pay-it-Forward Initiative you will contribute to someone’s life who couldn’t otherwise afford it. Your donation will allow us to offer 2 FREE sessions to someone that you love.

Pay-it-Forward Initiative


A new day, a new chance to love and be kind!