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Individual sessions


There are moments in our life when reaching out for help is a step that must be taken, whether that is about detoxing life and body, finding purpose, releasing suppressed emotions, experiencing spiritual enlightenment or a simple reason to get up in the morning. Often times, it is when we are faced with sorrow, toxic addictions, death, grief or loss we begin to search for meaning and answers. 

The individual sessions are tailored for your own particular needs, they are designed specifically for a symbiotic energy exchange that is taking place while we heal, learn & grow together.



Spiritual Guidance is the process and experience of receiving enlightening wisdom through one’s pure example and individual experience. It is intended for those who want to learn how to be fully present in their life and are seeking Truth. The session implies an empathic mindfulness discussion where a comfortable and safe space is created, that will allow one to open the heart, share authentic concerns or questions regarding one’s spiritual path or blockages that prevent its evolution.


Life & wellness coaching is intended to create an open channel between each other where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to one’s needs and concerns. Background, understanding one’s traumas and beliefs, triggers, confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, behavioral patterns, career change or relationships are just few of the topics that can be approached during a session.

An Intuitive Eating Coaching session is an honest assessment of one’s current eating behavior, diet history, body image and goals. Where one can learn how to shift from an unhealthy to a healthy lifestyle and choices, by having an energetic and joyful attitude towards food and body image, gain self-trust and confidence around food choices, and get in touch with the body’s language.  

Integration Counseling dives deep into the insights and lessons received during any kind of Shamanic Plant Medicine ceremonies and how to put them into practice to transform one’s life on all levels of mind, body and spirit. The counseling session is focused on examining and understanding the changes that occurred during ceremonies, learning to cultivate new habits and how to implement them in one’s new life perception.

Meditation Enrichment is an in-depth meditation and coaching session that will teach one how to look inside for answers and observe the mind. They are intended as a learning journey for the basics of meditation, cultivating awareness, traditions and techniques used around the world and finding what resonates deeper to enhance one’s spiritual evolution.


60 - 90 minutes

60 - 90 minutes

30 - 90 minutes

60 - 90 minutes

30 - 60 minutes

"What I teach is teaching me, what I heal is healing me, we evolve, transform and grow together"



Group workshops


Group workshops are intended to deepen and enrich through insight and understanding both experiential and intellectual, whether that is through Shamanic wisdom and plant medicine intense healing, body-mind-spirit ancient Indian traditions like yoga and meditation or through spiritual guidance.


Partnership workshops are designed to merge Shamanic wisdom with Indian traditions and their healers to create a deep healing unified space for each participant.

connecting the dots




The One Day Workshop refers to a deep immersion with Shamanic Sacred Plant Medicine healing ceremony and is intended for those who are new or fairly new to Shamanic Plant Medicine. The program includes group sharing circles, introductory talks like Plant Medicine preparation and basics, Post-ceremony integration & Individual Sessions, a pre-ceremony “Surrender” meditation session, one Shamanic Sacred Plant Medicine ceremony, accommodation and plant-based food.  


The Deep Shamanic Workshop is a group retreat designed for a purgative deep healing journey. It includes Shamanic techniques, plant medicines and treatments that tackles one’s mind, body and spirit, limited beliefs, repetitive habitual patterns, unhealthy lifestyle choices and unbalance, creating space for an enhanced physical, psychological and spiritual wellness.

The program includes daily group sharing circles, various talks like Plant Medicine preparation, Post-ceremony integration, Individual Sessions, natural medicinal treatments, daily meditations, ceremonies, accommodation, plant-based food and much more.  

Retreat Partnership workshops are a fusion between indigenous cultures like Shamanic Healing and Indian Traditions alongside with their healers. The retreat incorporates various forms of Yoga practices, breathing techniques, mindfulness & meditations sessions. Is designed not only to approach one’s healing journey from body to mind cultivating new disciplines and healthy habits but also to immerse in a deep healing spiritual journey. The retreat partnership implies co-creation, a conscious alignment and collaboration between two healers who are dedicated to serve and ca be organized anywhere in the world.

Peruvian “Healing Journey” tours are created to explore not just the cultural aspect of the Indigenous people of Peru but also focuses on an intentional work and experience with Shamanic Plant Medicine Healing practices through the Shipibo-Conibo tribes in their native habitat surrounded by the lavish Amazonian Rainforest jungle. The length of the tours and content can vary depending on the desired experience and needs, and if they include other expeditions across the country.

Prices are subject to estimation depending on the size of the group and activities chosen by the group)


24 - 36h

1 - 6 days

5 - 10 days

10 - 20 days

Participating to any of these workshops one will benefit tremendously from being in a loving, dedicated and supportive environment that gives the sense of belonging. It will immerse one into the purity of nature and presence, the feeling of being understood and listened to while learning inspiring strategies that help create positive life changes, a new reality. The workshop allows one to have a life changing experience in a safe, comfortable environment conducted by a skilled and experienced team.


Group workshops regardless of their subject must be booked in advance, participation to any of them must be pre-approved through an intake form. Each retreat is tailor-made for a deep healing and life-changing experience and can take place in the comfort of your own home town or in a location where I travel in that moment. 


Please contact me directly for a detailed overview and if you would like to find out more information about prices or conditions. (all prices are subject to estimation depending on the size of the group, location or the extra activities chosen)