Individual sessions

There are moments in our life when reaching out for help is a step that must be taken and individual coaching or therapy is a tremendous investment in yourself that will give you the support and clarity you seek.  Standing beside you, I will support you in revealing, understanding, and changing everything that is in the way of your highest potential.

Right from the beginning, we will do an overview of your life and identify which areas need action or attention. I will help you set clear goals, give you tools to work with, and encourage you to connect with your own inner wisdom. There is absolutely nothing that you cannot change or overcome, remember that you are capable of so much more than you can imagine!

Whether you have an urgent issue affecting your day-to-day life or you are seeking general guidance and healing, our relationship will progress in a way that is most beneficial to you. Keep in mind that I don't fix your problems for you; instead, I help you figure out how to solve them on your own. The sessions are designed for a symbiotic energy exchange that is taking place while we heal, learn & grow together. When you are armed with practical tools, clarity and know how to implement change, you become an unstoppable force of your highest nature.

What's included

60 - 90 minutes video or in person sessions where we go over all your challenges one by one and you receive clarity and recommendations moving forward. All sessions take place in my private e-meeting room.

Post-sessions roadmap of your progress with recommendations, tools, and exercises that will help maximize our work together and assist you in moving forward.

24 / 7 online support, unconditional love and a non-judgemental approach. 

What are the benefits?

Embodying presence, the key to your greatest power, complete inner peace and joy, regardless of your outer circumstances.

Break free from toxic patterns from the past, by understanding your wounds or traumas, heal and forgive everything.

Awaken your heart and re-learn how to build authentic connections with those you love or those you wish to have in your life. 

Discover your inherited gifts and fuel your passions and purpose in life while making a meaningful change in the world.

Cultivate abundance through the heart by acknowledging the abundance around and create a life completely worry-less.

Discover the meaning of unconditional love, respect, and self-acceptance. Become that what you wish to see in others. 

"What I teach is teaching me, what I heal is healing me, we evolve, transform and grow together"


Coaching Workbook

With every program, I offer a comprehensive coaching workbook (digital and printable) that is designed to give you a set of tools, resources and exercises to help you prepare for, and get maximum value from, your coaching / therapy experience. The workbook offers a chance to keep track of each session and assess your own progress in various ways and from different perspectives.

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Image by Alexander Sinn

Pricing and Scheduling

The sessions can be held online or in person if you live in Costa Rica. For best results, I recommend a minimum six months program. I only work with clients who are truly willing to fully commit to the program and are ready to step out of their comfort zone. The total investment for your personalized, transformative coaching/therapy program will be discussed during your introductory call.


Payment is required up front and is accepted via PayPal (EURO) or direct bank transfer (USD) (an additional transfer fee will be included). For terms and conditions, cancellation policy and other details please click here.

These sessions are for you if:

You are ready to face yourself in the mirror, with everything that you embody and take responsibility for your life.

You are tired of your habitual behavior, you can see it doesn't serve you and you want to make long-lasting changes.

You have a child-like curiosity about your spiritual nature and who you really are and a heart calling to evolve. 

You are fully committed to transform your life and find peace within with everything around and yourself.

You want to hear truth and receive useful and deep introspective exercises not just a validation of your current state. 

You are ready to go deep and unveil everything that is holding you back from discovering who you really are.

I am very grateful for the sessions with Neten and for the growth I have achieved since beginning this counseling journey with her. Before starting, I was headed in a downward spiral and was really struggling with several issues, including substance abuse. I was initially looking for someone who could help me stop making self-destructive decisions, and I found that in Neten and so much more. She was a non-judgmental, patient, loving, reliable, and wise ally to me during a very challenging time in my life. I have learned so many things about myself that I either could not see or was not willing to see... it is amazing how much you can learn about yourself when you have support and someone encouraging you to look in the mirror honestly AND lovingly. Neten challenged me to go deeper and deeper into my self-exploration, even when I thought there was not any deeper to go… but of course there always is. 
Since our sessions began, I have stopped abusing substances, learned self-forgiveness, how to stand my ground and be confident in myself, what was at the root of my past self-destructive behavior, how to have healthy relationships with my family and loved ones – or rather, I became aware of unhealthy habits I had regarding the ways I relate to those around me, and much more. I trust Neten completely as a life coach/therapist and am still experiencing so many changes in my life for the better that stemmed from the work we did together. Thank you!!!


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Conscious gratitude plays an important role in life balance. Make a difference in someone’s life by gifting them a 1:1 coaching session to which I will also add one more session. All you have to do is fill in the form and send the donation. I will then contact the person and schedule the sessions.


By participating to the Pay-it-Forward Initiative you will contribute to someone’s life who couldn’t otherwise afford it. Your donation will allow us to offer 2 FREE sessions to someone that you love.

Pay-it-Forward Initiative


A new day, a new chance to love and be kind!