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Brand, Social Media, Mobile Marketing and their importance!

Why are you selling your business without all of the tools needed to succeed in a modern digitally led market place?

The digital age is well and truly upon us and the importance of brand, social media and mobile marketing are absolutely vital to succeed! Whether you are selling rabbit straw in a pet shop, shoes and handbags in a retail outlet or global recruitment services, everyone can reap the benefit of having a strong brand backed by a collaborative all round digital presence.

A large retail client recently here in the UAE stated that 70% of their business is done via their mobile app. Think about that for a second…70% of their total customer base (which I know is quite large), are purchasing their various product range via that small device we all carry around attached to our hips, thumbs and ears on a daily basis!

In today’s modern world we open our mobile phones on average 130 times a day! 130 times!! Even if you are tapping into a small percentage of that time to promote your brand and engage with your customers, you are winning.

Let’s look at your Website presence and Social media channels? The burning question is:

What are your customers greeted with when they encounter you online?

This has been a key emphasis for me coming into Skilled as a business and our up and coming merger/re brand under the Programmed banner. ‘Does our website fully reflect what we do as a business?’, ‘Do we have active social media & mobile channels that are in sync with our client and candidate base?’, ‘Are these digital channels positively engaging with and influencing the target audience for each of our individual divisions globally’? And more importantly ‘Is the content engaging enough and relevant enough to actually tell people what we do without them falling asleep?’ If I’m honest at the minute, no! This is something we are actively working on in line with the merger.

Content is king in today’s world and video content/relevant short sharp content is overtaking cluttered ‘war & peace’ content. We need to embrace this to adapt and continue to succeed globally.

Look at some of the best brands out there…

All of these logos above have no company name but every single one of us knows who they are. Now tell me brand identity isn’t important?

All of the factors feed into, ‘Is your brand memorable?, is it growing and adapting to alleviate the risk of the next start up that wants a slice of your business?, is it embracing digital in the correct ways to stand out and make people return? If the answer is ‘no’ then you need to act now and embrace change.

Getting it right:

Your digital presence, from the website to the social channels to your mobile app and the user experience your customers embark on is the modern day equivalent to having a good or bad experience in a restaurant and how many people you tell about that experience. Your brand and digital presence represents your company and its core values. In the digital age this matters just as much as the good people you hire and entrust to take you forward. The biggest mistake your brand can make online, is putting across the wrong message- or in terms of digital suicide…not even putting a message out at all!

Your brand identity demonstrates your company’s products, your true niche, your core values and your individual personality to your regional, national or global audience. Without this in the digital world….you simply don’t exist!

It takes effort to build a good website and maintain it. It takes a lot of hours and a collaborative team approach to build your social channels that everyone gets behind to push your brand forward. The power that can be achieved from this is huge. 75% of customers rely on social media when making purchasing decisions in today’s market. What would they decide if they looked at yours?

80% of marketers have claimed that social media is extremely effective in helping to generate more website traffic. Social media is a direct channel to your website, and without it, your audience is limited to online users who already know about you and are searching for keywords in search engines that happen to stumble upon your page…In other words not many! By being up to date digitally, creating interesting content and engaging with your audience to convey a consistent brand across all social media platforms, guess what? You automatically generate much more traffic to your website!

In summary…you are losing out without an up to date website, social media channels that everyone is behind and also tapping into the mobile market! Putting across a consistent brand identity to your client base is absolutely essential to the success of your business.

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