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Why you should get out of your comfort zone?

Because you have to! For you! This is a story about why I decided it was about time to get out of my comfort zone and do something new and challenging like building my own site! And guess what, getting out of the comfort zone not only will motivate you but will also increase the dopamine level in your brain, simply because you are doing something new! Well, as I said, one of my goals was to build my own website, of course this was already planned on my Bucket list but this time I said to myself: Get up and start! Now!

Why a personal website?

Well, it was a random sunny saturday morning, sometime in February, 2016 and once I woke up and opened my eyes, I started thinking about what I want to do next, what are my goals and what can I do to achieve them instead of wasting precious time, wait for some sort of magic to make my dreams come true or getting more stuck into this daily routine, so called comfort zone, well that and age. Why age? After 30's and if you have managed to reach whatever you had in mind to achieve, haven’t you noticed that either it was not what you were expecting, either you are not sure if you still like it, either you got stuck and completely forgot about your dreams or just simply got bored and now you are wondering what else to do; studying again, changing your career, starting from zero.. well that doesn’t come in handy for all of us and we tend to stick to what we have out of laziness or maybe just because it’s convenient to settle for less, which I must say: So wrong! Snap out of it!

In that morning, I decided that the only way I could improve my resume was to build a unique personal website. I realised it’s time for me to make a change, a drastic change; it was time to get my Mojo back! Don’t get me wrong, I love my job; I am absolutely passionate about marketing but I felt stuck in a routine and I ‘remembered’ my bucket list. I wanted a website where I can showcase my work in a way that is matching the current technology trends, a personal profile that will help boost my resume to a different level than the usual boring A4 portrait resume that 90% of the professionals out there have it and once complete, will help me reach my professional goals. I decided to test my skills and feed my creativity by building myself it from scratch. I got up, made a foamy latte, took a pen and a paper and started summarizing the steps I need to take to begin my Mojo project. Mojo – motivation.

I opened Google, (I consider Google one of the most powerful and smart e-tools ever invented in this world) and signed up to Wix.com, world's leading web publishing platform and a brilliant tool by the way. And so I began ‘cooking’ it, from the sitemap sketch on a piece of paper to designing the actual concept myself and following each step I wrote over sipping my latte, in less than half a year I gave ‘birth’ to www.isabelacojocaru.com. I can’t explain in words the excitement I feel even now when I look at it and trust me, when you get these butterflies you should know, you’re on the right path!

Why am I telling you all this?

You’ve heard me and people say you need to get out of your comfort zone, right? You need to stretch yourself, they say. It’ll be good for you. Everyone seems to agree with this idea, but what do we actually know about the comfort zone? What are your dreams? What you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the time; the inner critic bumped you down or just forgot about it?

Aside from the fact that this seems to be true:

What is the comfort zone?

The most scientific explanation of what a comfort zone is relates it to anxiety levels. Your comfort zone is any type of behaviour that keeps you at a steadily low anxiety level. Imagine something you do all the time, like cooking dinner or commuting to work, or watching TV. Everyday activities that you’re used to won’t make you feel anxious and uneasy, so they’re part of your comfort zone. Although people often refer to ‘getting outside your comfort zone’ in terms of trying new things, anything that raises your anxiety levels can be counted as being outside that zone.

Why should you get out of it?

It will help you grow!

When mixed with the feeling of success, some anxiety and self-doubt can lead to personal growth. Ask yourself what will give you a huge feeling of accomplishment and what could help you increase your base levels of confidence?

Your comfort zone will grow

If your comfort zone is small you’ll either be anxious a lot of the time or miss out on a lot of the excitement life has to offer. By getting out of your comfort zone more regularly, you’ll increase the number of things you’re comfortable with. You’ll also be able to enjoy more things in life, since familiarity makes us more likely to enjoy something, even if it turned us off at first. You will do the things that you used to dream about!

Doing new things will motivate you and help you learn

Novelty tends to increase levels of dopamine in the brain, which is part of the brain’s ‘reward center’. Dopamine’s role centers around motivating us to go looking for rewards, and novelty increases that urge. How far you want to push your boundaries is totally up to you, and will probably differ depending on what else is going on in your life. The trick seems to be maintaining a healthy balance between security and comfort, and a little novelty and excitement now and then. So don’t wait anymore for magic to happen out of the blue but start creating the magic yourself, get up you, yes you! I dare you to challenge yourself!

Want to read more about why you should get out of your comfort zone and start building the life you have always dreamed of? Here is an article I found interesting and motivational:

5 Benefits of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

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