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Time to take those webs down!

Every year we have a wonderful ritual of cleaning, don't we? We clean and paint our houses, we declutter our cupboards, our cars, and our gardens. How about if this year, we clean our hearts and our bodies too, our social circles and our mind?

It feels like it's time to clean our life from all these webs that are holding us back from building the life we want and deserve, from feeling peace and stability within ourselves. As humans, we have become accustomed to things being done a certain way. We have been taught at school that the world is made up of subjects and objects or that it has a certain structure. But the reality is something very different. The world is in a state of constant flux and is being recreated every moment. In the same way, everything and everyone in our lives is always in a state of flux. Change is constant. Some things disappear and others appear to take their place.

And for this, part of the cleaning process implies that we must let go of some people, some habits, and some situations that no longer are serving us. It's not always easy to let go but it is necessary if we want to create room for the new to make its way into our lives. Often letting go is difficult because we become attached to people, ways of being, and situations. We think that because we have shared