Individual sessions


There are moments in our life when reaching out for help is a step that must be taken, whether that is about needing guidance on an urgent issue in your life, detoxing life and body, finding purpose, releasing suppressed emotions, opening the heart, discovering spirituality or a simple reason to get up in the morning. Often times, it is when we are faced with sorrow, toxic addictions, death, grief or loss we begin to search for meaning and answers. 

The individual sessions are tailored for your own particular needs, they are designed specifically for a symbiotic energy exchange that is taking place while we heal, learn & grow together.

An individual session can take place through online platforms like Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp or in person during retreats depending on timings and location. 

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What's included

60 - 90 minutes video sessions where we go over all your challenges one by one and you receive clarity and recommendations moving forward. All sessions take place in my private e-meeting room.

Post-sessions roadmap of your progress with recommendations, tools, and exercises that will help maximize our work together and assist you in moving forward.

24 / 7 online support, a real friend, unconditional love and a non judgemental listening and approach to each session. 

"What I teach is teaching me, what I heal is healing me, we evolve, transform and grow together"



Group workshops


Group workshops are intended to deepen and enrich through insight and understanding both experiential and intellectual, whether that is through Shamanic wisdom and plant medicine intense healing, body-mind-spirit ancient Indian traditions like yoga and meditation or through spiritual guidance.


Partnership workshops are designed to merge Shamanic wisdom with Indian traditions and their healers to create a deep healing unified space for each participant.

Group workshops regardless of their subject must be booked in advance. Please contact me if you would like to find out more information.

I am so grateful to have been guided to such a kind and gentle soul as Bell on my journey through the plant medicine experience with my son !! She is a wealth of knowledge offering compassion, love, practical advice as well as spiritual advice! Her caring ways made me feel safe, understood and accepted. Her loving support has continued beyond the ceremony and into the whole integration process! She is a beam of hope in my life!