Terms & Conditions / Cancellation Policy


All the sessions/classes/retreats are confidential and treated with the utmost respect. All payments are to be made in advance through PayPal or Bank transfer. Transfer fees/taxes are covered fully by the client. In the rare event that I am unable to keep your appointment at the last minute, I will immediately inform you and no fee will be payable unless you are happy to reschedule. All the training or coaching/therapy programs and/or retreats are non-exchangeable for other services, for any special exceptions, a conversion fee of 15% will be deducted from the total amount paid in the initial booking. Please note that online sessions price varies from in-person sessions and that all programs are valid for one year depending on the number of classes/workshops/retreats allocated. If you request an appointment, I will keep that time open for you for a little while. As my time books up fast, priority will be offered to clients on a first come first serve basis. It is up to you therefore to confirm your session time promptly after it is offered, as I cannot guarantee that I will be able to keep that time open for you. Uncompleted sessions will not be credited or refunded. This incentivizes you to keep to the commitment you've made.



I hold the right to cancel the event/retreat/class or session any time in case of any unexpected circumstances may occur or if my safety is threatened and I am obliged to inform all the participants who booked their place in the event of cancellation, immediately. In such case, payment is non-refundable.



I hold the right to cancel the event/class/ session at any time in case of unexpected circumstances may occur. If cancellation/reschedule is necessary from your side, I require that you cancel with at least 48 hours in advance. Online appointments are in high demand, and your advanced notice will allow another client access to that appointment time. Be advised that your cancellation/reschedule does not guarantee you will be able to re-book an appointment within the same week. I advise that at the same time of your cancellation, you also reserve your new preferred appointment time by booking a new appointment immediately. Once we have scheduled an appointment time, and you have completed your payment exchange, this confirms your session or package. Appointments canceled or missed at the last minute without prior notice will incur a cancellation charge of the full cost of the session.

If you cancel: your tuition payment is non-refundable.  Payments that you have made for workshops/classes/ceremonies/retreats/coaching or therapy sessions (whether online or in-person) are also non-refundable. You may change dates without penalty and upon my availability. All cancellations must be made in writing (email).  If I cancel: I reserve the right to cancel retreats, classes, or workshops at any time at my sole discretion.  Cancellations may occur for reasons beyond my control. Such cancellations may be the result of feeling unsafe, natural disasters, acts of god or force majeure (including, but not limited to, earthquakes, volcanoes, severe storms, floods, etc.), political machinations (including, but not limited to, war, closure of borders, etc.), terrorism or threats of terrorist activities, or acts of other third-parties (including, but not limited to, the canceling of reservations by conference centers, hotels, etc.).  If a program, course, or retreat is canceled for reasons indicated in this paragraph, or for any other reason beyond my control, the payment is non-refundable however the participant will be given a credit to attend a future program.


Medical disclaimer

I believe in all my teaching programs and I hope you will feel the benefits of it, however attending a retreat, workshop or class is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment, nor do I claim to offer medical treatment.  If you need medical attention and/or diagnosis, please contact your care provider.



Part of the mission is to create safe spaces for learning and expression; as such, I reserve the right to dismiss a participant at any time before, during, or after a program if he or she becomes dangerous or harmful to me, to self or others if he or she causes property damage (which implies that they will have to cover the full cost of what was damaged). I reserve the right to dismiss a participant at any time before, during, or after a program if he or she breaks the law, if he or she does not pay accordingly for the program or services provided, or if he or she partakes in drugs or alcohol during workshop hours. 

>> If a participant is dismissed, absolutely no refunds will be given.