A conscious decision to serve


To live a truly joyful and peaceful life we must find balance in all aspects of it, learn detachment and surrender to the present moment.


Being in service to others in whatever way is a big part of balance because when you just take from the world you live in and choose not to contribute to it, not to give back, it keeps you in a state of surviving mode no matter how much you have or strive for. It keeps you locked to a form of effort and thus suffering.


In general life is about choices and for sure there are so many ways of being in service, maybe through your talent in your work of field, mentoring students or perhaps volunteering to help with kids, gardening or healing centers. In the end is all about volunteering in a way that honors the other without having expectations.


Where do we say “yes” and where we say “this is my limit of what I can do”?


Somehow feels like what we are supposed to do always seems to reveal itself when time is right and for sure being in service can be an ongoing task for those who choose so.

"Be the source of somebody else's abundance."