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A heart to heart private retreat where we dive deep into your Inner Being to unlock every door that is holding you back from discovering your true powers!


Private and personal attention that will take you on an unforgettable and powerful inner journey where together we will unlock the vast potential that resides within you! This is a private retreat where a powerful energy exchange is happening on all levels of our Being.  During the retreat you will receive direct guidance, private facilitation, emotional and physical support, tools to take with you home and an abundance of unconditional love.


What makes this retreat unique?


We work very close, ensuring that the healing and transformation work is well integrated, understood and that your needs are met during the retreat.


You will experience a deep transformation and breakthroughs on your most difficult conditionings and wounds. Expect to uncover any past pain that limits you, heal it, open your heart, and step into more clarity about your life's direction and purpose.


We work on understanding and removing each layer of illusion that holds you back from connecting to what really matters: your heart and the embodiment of your Highest Self.


Included in the retreat there are incredible daily activities and perks. Some of the activities include hiking trips to magical waterfalls, sound healing sessions and meditations in nature. Also included in your retreat are all meals, accommodation and so much more!


Support will continue to be offered even after the retreat ends. You may receive a follow-up online coaching session that will help you integrate all insights received into your day to day life.


Design your retreat

This retreat is a powerful transformative life changing experience! You can customize the approach to your wellness and spiritual expansion by tapping already into your Intuitive Self and choosing the things you want to incorporate into the schedule in accordance to what actually feels right to you. What do you need? Do you have a strong calling for something in particular? I work in collaboration with many skilled Holistic Practitioners or Healers and if there is something I can't offer, I will bring it for you.

To determine your intention, think about how you want to feel at the end of your retreat, or perhaps what you want to accomplish. Whether you feel the need for some quiet time and self inquiry in nature, daily workouts and meditations, detox protocols or you prefer to heal past traumas and dive deep with shamanic healing and intense coaching sessions, you are the one deciding. 

Guided Meditations

Shamanic Ceremonies

Self Inquiry & Spiritual guidance

Finding balance workshop

Embodying presence

Morning Body Movement

Detox (Digital, Food, Substance)

Healing Therapeutic Massages

Nature Grounding & Silent walks

Therapy / Coaching Sessions

Understanding Programming

CBT Process workshop

Inner-child Workshop

Goal Setting & Mind Mapping Workshop

Voice Activation

Emotional Release Rituals

Sound Bath Healing

Cacao Heart Opening Ceremony

Choose and send your inquiry

Thank you for your inquiry, please rest assured that I will respond as soon as I can!  


If you do not see the email, check your “junk mail” folder or “spam” folder. We make every effort to ensure that these emails are delivered. Also, please add “” to your White List or Safe Sender List.

Many blessings!



During this retreat, I invite you to fully immerse into the beauty of the Pura Vida lifestyle of Costa Rica and into my home! Stargazing, reconnection with the purity of your Being, and nature walks are just a few of the things you can do here! The space located in one of the most serene and beautiful areas of the Pacific side is designed to support your expansion and spiritual rebirth.

The location is very close to the main touristic spots like Dominical or Uvita. We wake up looking at the ocean and meditating with the sound of birds singing. Your room has a queen-sized bed and your own exclusive bathroom. You also have access to a gorgeous shared pool, a large communal area inclusive of a fully equipped kitchen, the outdoor space and terrace, parking, gardens and so much more.

This retreat honestly changed my life. Neten was such a kind, caring, and beautiful person. She was so intuitive and knowledgeable about so many different things. I have tried therapy, medication, and hypnotism; nothing worked... but a few days in the gorgeous Costa Rican jungle with Neten changed the way I'm able to see and approach things.


She was so respectful of my feelings/emotions and I felt like I had her love and support from the moment I stepped into her home. Another favorite moment was our waterfall adventure. I would highly HIGHLY recommend attending this retreat if your souls need a good cleanse and reboot. Thank you Neten for everything.


People say

Your investment

This is a year-round retreat and can be customized in accordance with what is needed for each individual. The retreat is designed for a private experience or up to two people, please inform me if you wish to experience the retreat fully private. The price also varies depending on the number of days and activities booked.

VAT and processing fees will apply to all purchases.

Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy

So many benefits

The Joy of living in the Present Moment

Self-confidence and emotional maturity 

Surrendering - the path to Freedom

Non-Reactivity - acceptance of life as is

Awareness, noticing the power of Attention

Self-love and Self-acceptance

Recognition of all unconscious limiting beliefs

The power of choice, the skill to Discern

Discipline, doing what you should be doing

Clarity and Intuitive action

Overall Health and a feeling of Wholeness

  • What will happen during the retreat?
    For whichever retreat you are applying, the program is designed to support shifting old mindsets, unlocking blockages, understanding oneself, and opening the heart for rebirthing your highest self, the real you, enabling you to live life in a more authentic, loving, and connected way. The retreat gives you the opportunity to transform and grow through various workshops, coaching/therapy sessions, daily grounding, spiritual practices, fun activities and so much more. The schedule is flexible and designed to support the integration from all levels, mental, physical, and spiritual while focusing on relationship building, communication, and connection whether with self or each other (in the case of couple or mother/adult child retreats).
  • What age is this retreat best for?
    The individual "Design your own" retreat accepts all ages. The mother & adult child retreat is aimed at adult children aged 18 and above together with mothers of all ages!
  • Does the retreat offer a medical diagnostic?
    The integrative approach for these retreats, facilitating both individual and joint sessions allows you to come to an understanding of the behavior, mindset, and response to triggers/patterns. All retreats are a powerful opportunity for healing and a chance to start fresh, enabling any individual or both, as mother and child, to heal and make a positive change. I believe in all my teaching programs and I hope you will feel the benefits of attending and participating, however attending a retreat, workshop or class is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment, nor do I claim to offer medical treatment. If you need medical attention and/or diagnosis, please contact your care provider.
  • Is my flight cost covered?
    The flight cost is your responsibility, as well as if you would want to purchase any insurance or any other services/tours that are not already included and scheduled in the retreat.
  • What are the current travel requirements?
    All international tourists are permitted to enter Costa Rica by air, land and sea. Tourists must meet the visa requirements, when applicable, as well as the requirements established in the framework of the pandemic. The Government of Costa Rica does not require tourists entering by air, land or sea to present a negative COVID-19 test, nor quarantine upon arrival. Tourists visiting Costa Rica are requested to abide by the sanitary protocols in place when participating in tourist activities throughout the country. As restrictions change please get updated as to what the most recent requirements are to enter Costa Rica as a tourist. You can check this link:
  • Should I rent a car? Is driving in Costa Rica safe?
    Yes, driving in Costa Rica is safe and is the best way to travel around the country. We definitely recommend renting a car! It’s a beautiful country and you will get to see more of it if you rent a car. The roads are typically passable, but potholes, downed trees, and erosion issues don’t always get fixed in a timely fashion, drive with caution, especially in the rainy season. If staying within the city or primarily using the highway system, you don’t necessarily need a 4-wheel drive vehicle. However, it is recommended if you want to visit some of the more rural areas of Costa Rica where bumpy, dirt roads are very common. Google Maps, Maps. me, and Waze are all fairly reliable in Costa Rica. Streets are not well marked and the exits off the highway aren’t even that noticeable. Speed limit signs are posted in kilometers. No international driver’s license is required. Gas stations are full-service in Costa Rica. I encourage you to tip if you need to fill up. PRIVATE TAXI - Please let us know in advance if you need our assistance to reserve an airport transfer. The cost of the taxi is between 160 - 180$ each way. SHUTTLE SERVICE The shuttle service is available from many locations in Costa Rica and you can ask at the airport for it or you can visit their website for more information: CAR RENTAL For those enjoying being independent and that may like to travel before or after the retreat. Depending on a variety of factors, including the duration of your car rental, the season you plan to travel during, the location(s) you wish to pick up and return the car at, the type of vehicle you want to rent, the amount of car rental insurance you purchase, the cost of optional add-ons, and the destinations you plan to visit (which determine the amount of gas you’ll go through), renting a car in Costa Rica may be a cost-effective form of transportation. Read more: Car Rental agencies:
  • What attractions are around the area that I could visit/do post-retreat?
    This region of Costa Rica is a combination of jungle-filled mountains and the Pacific ocean. Gazing at stunning sunsets on the beach is a ritual of ours for example. The nearby hills are a playground for wildlife and hiking enthusiasts, and the nearly deserted beaches are the perfect escape for those looking to relax and unwind. Few things not to miss while you are here: Nauyaca Waterfalls One beautiful thing to do in the area is hiking to the Nauyaca Waterfalls which is very close to the center. You can arrive at the falls on horseback or with their pickup truck for $33. Or if you’re up for a moderately difficult hike, you will be paying only the entry ticket of 15$. This will let you take in the gorgeous surrounding rainforest. Hacienda Baru Wildlife Refuge One of the best places in the area for a day hike is Hacienda Baru. Hacienda Baru is a hotel and wildlife refuge off the highway just north of Dominical. Tour is around $45 per person and includes admission. Mangrove or Ocean Kayak/SUP Tour If you’re looking to take in the beautiful scenery out on the water, consider a kayak or stand-up paddleboard (SUP) tour. These take you either through the nature-filled mangroves or to the ocean. Tours are $75-85 per person. Parque Reptilandia Reptile enthusiasts or anyone with an appreciation for nature will love Parque Reptilandia. This is a fun spot to visit for a couple of hours and a great activity for kids. $12 for adults, $6 for children 14 and under. Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary If you want to get up close to some of Costa Rica’s most exotic wildlife, check out the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary. The minimum donation is $25 for adults and $15 for children 12 and under. Tours can be arranged directly through the Sanctuary. Diving Thanks to the nutrient-rich coastal waters, diving and snorkeling in Costa Rica can be a magical experience. The clear sea offers visibility for scuba diving between 30 to 100 feet, guaranteeing you'll spot all kinds of marine life. Read more:
  • Could I get a massage or a Spa treatment during the retreat?
    Yes, I collaborate with BRI Spa & Wellness Center with locations in both Dominical and Uvita. All their services are an additional cost to the retreat and depending on the service requested, they can come to the center or we can visit them (upon availability).
  • Can I purchase other services if I have booked an already set retreat?
    If you have booked a retreat that has an already set schedule, you can request additional services (however you can not exchange what is already paid for another service). The schedule for each retreat, already designed or not, is very flexible, as is important that you have the opportunity to also integrate what you are learning, feel into the day, and let's not forget to also rest.
  • What should I bring with me?
    Costa Rica has beautiful warm weather all year round, even when it rains. You should bring comfortable summer clothes, your swimsuit, water/hiking shoes, a hat, a water bottle, mosquito repellant, and a journal. Is important to write down what you will experience. Depending on what services you are booking, you might be required to bring other things with you like a picture of you as a child (inner child workshop).
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