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Neten is a certified master coach, cognitive behavioral therapy specialist, and holistic healing practitioner (shamanism). She is committed to guiding people to their highest potential and back into their hearts. Since she began coaching in 2011, her powerful intuition and compassion have helped people conquer challenges and have life-altering transformations. As a master coach, she combines life coaching with the principles of psychology and spirituality. Currently, she found home in Costa Rica, where she founded “Neten” an Education and Alternative Therapy Center.


Her diverse expertise results from training and working in healing centers worldwide. In addition to formal training, her most important and extensive education is based on her powerful life experiences. Family neglect and breakdowns, failure, sexual, emotional, physical, narcissistic abuse, addictions, depression, panic attacks, and other health issues have taught her incredible lessons that she is naturally inspired to share. 


She spent years traveling, researching and experimenting, studying and questioning everything around her. With a compulsive desire to break free from the conditioned mind, she discovered the importance of self-love and living in the present moment while nurturing a healthy balance. Her mission is to bring clarity and light to each soul by supporting them out of their limitations and into peace and fulfillment. 

ICF ACC Certified Life & Wellness Master Coach

BICBT Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

Integration Specialist

Holistic Healing Facilitation and counseling

Spiritual guidance

Peruvian Shamanism


People say

I had a calling to visit Costa Rica for about 6 months. As soon as I came across Neten's spiritual retreat, I knew I wanted to come here. Away from the rest of society, Neten taught me how to go within myself and find my true authentic self. I came to Costa Rica suffering from depression and anxiety without any motivation for life.


Even though I had been exceeding in my career and external life, my internal self was dying. Through working with Neten, learning about my inner child and learning how to shift my focus to myself, my soul had been rebirth. The valuable methods and techniques she taught me, I took home with me and use them in my daily life now. I miss you Neten and I’m sure we will meet again.


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