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Neten is an ICF Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Transformational Mentor, Holistic Healing Practitioner and Integration Specialist who is committed to guiding people into their highest potential and back into their hearts. Her mission is to bring light in each Being by helping them discover who they really are and supporting them out of suffering and limitation and into fulfillment.

As a master coach, she combines life coaching with the principles of psychology, spirituality, holistic therapies and shamanic practices. With over a decade of coaching experience, she embodies truth and clarity, allowing teachings to be channeled right through her Being and out into the world. Her superpowers of intuition and compassion help people conquer challenges and have life altering transformations.

Neten spent years travelling the world, researching and experimenting, studying, practicing and questioning everything around her. With a compulsive desire to break free from the conditioned mind, she discovered the importance of living in the present moment while nurturing a constant healthy balance in life. Her diverse expertise comes from training and working in numerous healing centers around the world, where she immersed herself in various healing modalities. With a specialty in trauma healing, cognitive behavioral therapy, addictions recovery, self-discovery, spiritual life & wellness coaching, shadow work, inner child workshops, integration, alternative medicine and therapies, Neten has been able to help countless people heal and lead fulfilling lives.

A teacher, a guide, a shoulder to cry on, she is the best friend you need, a simple heart filled with unconditional love. In her free time, she loves the ocean, cooking, traveling exploring indigenous cultures and teachings, being around animals and nature. She is passionate about human behavior, consciousness and living a life in complete surrender and presence.



Psychology, Human behavior & Psyche

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Trauma and Mental Disorders Healing

Integration counseling

Shamanic Healing

Holistic Healing Facilitation and counseling

Spiritual guidance

ICF Certified Life & Wellness Coaching

Intuitive Eating - Detox & Nourish