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One on one



Individual sessions

Individual sessions are the most valuable investment in yourself that will give you the support and clarity you seek. Standing beside you, I will support you in revealing, understanding, and transforming everything that is in the way of your highest potential.

All programs whether coachingcognitive behavioral therapy or post-retreat integration, are tailored to help you identify and work towards specific goals, addressing not just the the past and its roots but also the present mindset, with the sole focus on long-term benefits, ensuring that you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to improve the quality of your life. 

Right from the beginning, we will do an overview of your life and identify which areas need action or attention. I will help you set clear goals, give you tools to work with and encourage you to connect with your own inner wisdom. And when you are armed with practical tools and clarity, you become an unstoppable force of your highest nature.

What's included

60 minutes video or in-person sessions where we go over all your challenges one by one and you receive clarity and recommendations moving forward. All sessions take place in my private e-meeting room.

Post-sessions roadmap of your progress with recommendations, tools, and exercises that will help maximize our work together and assist you in moving forward.

Available online support, unconditional love, and a non-judgmental approach. 

Coaching Workbook

With every program, I offer a comprehensive coaching workbook (digital and printable) that is designed to give you a set of tools, resources, and exercises to help you prepare for, and get maximum value from, your program. The workbook offers a chance to keep track of each session and assess your own progress in various ways and from different perspectives.

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How we engage?


Pricing and Scheduling

The sessions can be held online or in person if you live in Costa Rica. For best results, I recommend a minimum of eight months program. The total investment for your personalized, transformative coaching/therapy program will be discussed during your introductory session.

VAT and processing fees will apply to all purchases.

People say

Wow. Wow.  Such an incredibly beautiful experience. Highly recommend!

A chance bus meeting and 9 month later, my interior landscape is so different it feels like another lifetime.  Neten's wise insights, incredible patience and clear boundaries helped me see the intricate patterns and loops of my psyche, even through sometimes great resistance.  

Her clear guidance helped me stabilize a new way of being - and not just for a weekend or a few weeks in the post retreat glow - I am present to life at the drugstore, in traffic, and even in pain.  I can say without a doubt, she is one of those few people I've met where there is my life before her and something much much richer after. I am at the start of a new existence and I can't wait to see where it takes me.  

Thank you Neten - and so much love.  


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