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Life Coach Training Program


A Life & Wellness Coaching Training Program with a curriculum designed to support the development of effective communication skills, new perspectives, and the ways in which transformational changes can be made to people's beliefs, behaviors, mental patterns, and day-to-day interactions. 

If the thought about getting into life & wellness coaching just occurred or you are simply looking to update your existing skills by learning a psychology/intuitive-based coaching approach, then this program is for you. In this training program, you will learn a highly actionable and complete life coaching process that can provide the groundwork for a fulfilling and satisfying career as a life & wellness coach. 

*Classes can be online or in-person (in-person classes are subject to availability). To enroll or inquire about details please fill in the below form.

Life Coach Training Workbook

With this training program, you will receive a comprehensive study workbook that is designed to give you a set of tools, resources, and exercises to help you prepare for, and get maximum value from your classes.


The workbook offers a chance to keep track of your progress and have a record of everything that you will learn.

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What you will learn


Unlocking patterns


Self-sabotaging and impostor syndrome

Gaining clarity

Go past your stopping points

Finding your niche

Building confidence


The ethics of coaching

Coaching presence

Identifying problems

Empowering client

Coaching is client - centered

The Art of listening

Asking / channeling questions

Direct communication & integrity




Establishing the Coaching Agreement

Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client

Setting goals

Opening / closing a coaching session

Structuring a coaching session

Measuring and tracking results

Support & Accountability

Building a successful coaching business

Exam - Your first Coaching session

People say

I completed the Opening Coaching Training Program with Neten and it was a beautiful learning journey that profoundly impacted by life. This program allowed me to have sessions dedicated to my own healing, where I learned about core limiting beliefs and how these beliefs were impacting my life. After these discoveries Neten provided homework for me to complete to work on shifting these beliefs so I was in a better position to create the life that I want. The program also introduced me to taking on a coaching role myself, where I gained valuable knowledge regarding how to begin, guide and end a session with clients with compassionate presence.


I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity I had to work with Neten and know that because of the work that we did together my life will be forever changed, in a way where I have greater clarity, freedom, and the ability to create openly. Neten leads with an open heart and by doing so encourages you to do the same. Her ability to intuit what is occurring within a person is astounding and she gently yet directly guides you to find truths necessary for change. I sincerely appreciate Neten's ability to hold a safe space and because of her ability to do so it allows you to be completely vulnerable, an essential component of the healing journey. Neten is a gifted healer that truly brings her complete presence, dedication and care to her coaching sessions.


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