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Integration Counseling

People seek out retreats mainly because they can no longer live in their old identities and stories and are ready for some level of inner transformation to unfold within. They are ready to "level up".


Now, to successfully translate the wisdom and guidance received from the retreat into a long-lasting change, we need to take responsibility and fully commit to doing the work that comes after. Simply put, integration is a joyous expansion, an open-ended process that continues throughout life. "Integrate" means to combine one thing with something else to form a new whole. 


Integration guide and workbook

We organically integrate as we take in new information and generate new perspectives thus shifting our perception. Maybe the most important element in integration is to learn patience and self-love.


Is quite common to feel increased joy, motivation, gratitude, and purpose after a retreat; however, maintaining these states when returning to your day-to-day life is not easy and for this reason, I have created this comprehensive digital guide to support your unique integration process post retreat. 

integration vs02_edited.png

Diving deeper

The layers of meaning from a retreat experience, can take time and effort to understand and integrate, even if the insights appeared somehow very clear. Integration is often ignored, however the essential part is grounding the whole experience into daily life, so that it becomes embodied and aligned with the core values held.


Integration counseling sessions are designed to bring clarity, tools, practices and the priority is to meet you exactly where you are at, while you will be lovingly guided to make your own meanings from that experience. Together we unlock all doors and explore the images, visions, somatic sensations, and emotions experienced, so you can understand and embrace them. Regardless on how the session will unfold, being fully connected and present with you will be vital to our work together.

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