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Soul, heart and the crazy monkey..

Part I

Don’t believe everything you think!

It’s funny how our mind works, really funny! Sometimes I lay back and just sit for a minute to laugh at myself about how silly I am by creating this nonsense thoughts all by myself and with no purpose whatsoever. One evening a random thought came in my mind that presented a very unpleasant past memory converted somehow into a future event. Just that thought, that small one second thought, made my body shake, literally. My heart was pounding, I could feel the increase of my heartbeat, my stomach twitched and I started shaking. From a thought!! I realized, that’s stupid and not real for Pete’s sake, snap out of it!

Building scenarios in our heads is what we do best; we are all experts at it. Have you ever noticed how your mind works in the minute you feel a strong emotion like anger, how your entire body is triggered by it and if you keep staying in that moment how it gives you signals of distress that get worse and worse? Each one of your cells is linked to the brain, we know that, your brain is wired by your thoughts and feelings tailed by your thoughts, we know that too. And yet, we continue our lives without doing anything about it. Patterns, right?

Another great example of mind tricks is when you wish for something; you go into a consumer based mind where you think you need x or y and with that your life would be fuller in a sense that only when you will have that thing you think you will be happier, satisfied or motivated. But have you ever visualized how would it feel to have that thing that you want and try to listen to your body? What did you feel? Excitement? Stress? Did you notice that each time you achieved something you thought you want for your professional or personal life or bought something, after some time doesn’t make you feel anything anymore? Well, that’s because it might've not been meant for you, you’re greater than that, your mind tricked you into thinking that you need that or simply because your focus was on abundance.

How about making a list, take a piece of paper, split it in two and on the left side you write all the things you really want for your life (picture you are designing your life) and on the right side, all the reasons why you think you can’t achieve them. Now, look at your paper, take your time and read one by one all the things that you want, visualize them like you have them in your own hands right now, they’re happening right now. How does it feel? Which one made you smile? Which one gave you “butterflies”? Now look at right side, aren’t those reasons mentioned just simple thoughts/fears? Do they trigger anything in your body? I doubt. Is fear real or that’s just another thought? Hmmm..interesting right?

Practicing and studying meditation, gave me some interesting insight about how our mind works and the funny thing is that not everything you think you need is actually good for you. Out of that list I mentioned earlier, did any of the things listed on the left side gave you any feeling of excitement? Guess what? That’s just a preview on how you will feel if you pursue it, and once you reach that level of awareness and you start working towards the goal that is actually meant for you, all the rest; what the crazy monkey (the dark side of our mind) tells you that you need to achieve that, they’ll come to you from unknown sources and trust me on this, it’s fun! You will be amazed how fast things happen. Why? Because you will love what you will do and you’re focused on creating your dreams not feeding your fears. The entire universe, cells, emotions, thoughts, you name it, the entire you, yes, that amazing you, will support you to make that happen. And you will love it! I mean what kind of energy you want in your body? Think about it, that's all I am saying..

Our mind is a magical place that could either do wonders for you, either set you back into a deep hole of darkness, the more you try to fight it or control it, the deeper it goes. How about instead simply accept it, acknowledge it and keep still, observe it. If you’re sad, be sad. If you’re angry be angry. Don’t fight it. Everything is temporary and you are creating your universe; nobody else can do that for you. How about creating a universe where you are happy with who you are and where you are. How about if you follow your heart? Will that feeling multiply? Oh yes! Why multiplying anger, sadness or frustration? You see what I mean?

Thoughts are just thoughts, your mind is creating them, and they’re not real just like fear is not. The only real thing is you, you in your own glory, present and aware. Once that happens, once you start accepting the pain, fear or any other thought or feeling that reveals itself into your mind and body, only then you will be free and you will experience peace and happiness in its own definition. Don’t try to judge or analyze them, just let them be, let them flow in your mind and take deep breaths for few minutes, focus on yourself and create your world. Does that feel better? I sure think so!

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