We are happy to see you here with a calling for this powerful 


in the beautiful paradise of Costa Rica!

5 - 10 April 2021

Dominical Costa Rica


You’re being invited for this retreat where you will experience an immersive healing journey while reconnecting with your body, mind and spirit. Whatever concerns you are coming to work with, mental, emotional or physical, you are about to come to the place of a profound healing, diving deeply into the depths of your heart where your inner light resides. The core of the work is deeply healing, transformative and life-changing


What makes this retreat unique?


Neten works very closely with each participant, ensuring that the healing and transformation work is well integrated and understood. The supporting team of teachers will fully take care of you.


You will experience a deep transformation and breakthroughs on your most difficult conditionings and wounds. Expect to uncover any past pain that limits you, heal it, open your heart, and step into more clarity about your life's direction and purpose.


We work on understanding and removing each layer of illusion that holds you back from connecting to what really matters: your heart and the embodiment of your Highest Self.


Support will continue to be offered even after the retreat ends. You will receive a follow-up group online coaching session with Neten to help you integrate all insights received into your day to day life.

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What is the investment?

Pricing for this retreat varies, depending on what type of accommodation you choose. The prices include retreat fee, hotel, all meals, yoga classes, meditations, workshops, sacred ceremonies, one-on-ones, post-retreat coaching, and many more. 

DELUXE PRIVATE ROOM 1900$ / per person

1st Deposit – 1300$

2nd Deposit (2 weeks prior) - 600$

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DELUXE SHARED ROOM 1600$ / per person

1st Deposit – 1100$

2nd Deposit (2 weeks prior) - 500$

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I am a Certified Life & Wellness Coach with over 9 years experience, a Spiritual teacher, Holistic Healing Facilitator, a simple Being filled with love and compassion, navigating this beautiful planet with the sole purpose to be in service, to walk in truth, and to help others reconnect with their hearts.

Hi! I am Neten!

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What are the benefits?

Calmness and presence with every moment
Personal power increase and emotional maturity 

Non-reactivity and acceptance of life as is

Automatic behaviors awareness, ability to observe thoughts patters
Awareness, noticing the power of attention
Recognition of unconscious limiting beliefs

The power of choice, the skill to discern 

Surrender and desires detachment a path to freedom

Mirroring, recognition of one self in everything else
Discipline, choosing to do what you should be doing

Neten is a beautiful human, with an air of peace and lightness that is truly relaxing. Her way of inquiring and gently flowing through conversations and thought trains lead to construction conclusions and personal realizations. Her presence alone reminds you that peace and happiness is derived from within, and that finding your center is more and act of non-doing, more than anything else. Truly blessed to have met and shared with Neten.


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