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Soul, heart and the crazy monkey

Part III


What is Soul? The dictionary says that our soul is “the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body, and commonly held to be separable in existence from the body; the spiritual part of humans as distinct from the physical part.”

Here’s what I think. Our soul is the key of existence, is the energy that surrounds, protects and keeps us alive. Our soul is what we feel deep in the core of our heart. That feeling that makes us sad or happy. That intuition or gut feeling you have in the back of your heart and mind when you make a decision. Our soul lives forever and ever, and yes I truly believe that we don’t just die, our soul keeps on living, we reborn in a different shape, person or time. Without it, we would be just empty shells, robots.. we would probably sleep, eat, work, shit repeat. This robot lifestyle sounds familiar to you? Then you have probably lost your soul, your purpose, your dreams, yourself.. Just try to remember that your soul is what makes you, YOU. Unique, imperfect, beautiful.. and without its health you are on a constant misguided path, a dormant zombie.

I was lost, my soul was blocked. Still feels like I am sometimes. I got trapped into a routine where I would constantly seek approval and purpose, proofs and recognition, love and pain. My soul still feels lost sometimes, confused in this fast-paced world, where society models you to a standard shape as you ought to be. A society that tells you that you should own assets, create a family, own a vehicle, have a decent job/carrier, evolve in such a materialistic way so that you can be considered successful and eventually receive the approval you have always searched for. That’s the plan for most of us. And when that doesn’t happen, you have failed..You are a failure! It’s so easy to judge others and we often forget that by judging others we just stare in a mirror.. we stare at the reflection of our own shadow. How about if for once you create a daily task of healing your soul? Yes, we all need all those things, a house, some money..true, we all dream to have them..but how about looking at them as necessities not as a life’s purpose in getting them and instead to just focus on our interior, understanding our own self, letting all those other things come to us, align and resonate with us in their own time.

So how do you feed your soul? Did you know that every negative little thought triggers a negative emotion that can attack your physical body? Have you noticed how everything hurts when you’re over-stressed? Your soul needs your acceptance for what is, as is, right NOW; needs serenity, balance, training, trust and most of all, LOVE. Look within; define what makes you feel joy and happiness, do that! Often! Always! Sit in silence, listen to your heart and take your decisions based on what your body is telling you, don’t listen to your fears. Pray, pray to whomever you want to, to your God or even to a tree or your pet, whichever you feel connected to. Set your intentions clear. Connect with your own self, connect with your emotions and energy, allow them to exist and breathe. Stop resisting to your own soul and just live now, as is, right NOW. A happy soul is a happier YOU.

We are all energy, we all are ONE.

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