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Describe your perfect day!

How would you define a perfect day? What would make it so special that you would multiply it to feed that soul of yours?

Today I decided to stop from hunting, running, stressing and just start typing my thoughts on this beautiful sunny day in this gorgeous city I’ve just landed in – Barcelona. Today I decided to talk about my perfect day. We are all so trapped in this constant rat race that we constantly forget to create perfect days. Yes, yes I hear you! Not all days are good days, not even this one is.. but I want to make it, why not? Why crying and stressing over so many temporary things that surround our life when I could just stop and stare at the sea like a dumb fuck for one whole day, dream at monkeys and amazing love, simply enjoy the day.

My perfect day would be a warm sunny day, relaxing on a hammock while staring at the sea, on my right side a little girl sleeping on my shoulder, on my left side a puppy starring at the people passing, protecting his crib with his cute growl. Feeling the sun, wind and sky touching my skin and the quiet setting allowing my monkey mind to take rest from the buzz around. Complemented by one incredible book that lets my imagination run wild into unfamiliar places. Behind me, somewhere on the terrace, a gorgeous man, my man, my true love, fighting the grill. It’s his pleasure, his perfect day. We don’t care about the next day, we don’t care about bills or other man-made responsibilities, not even about politics or other nonsense. We care about the present moment and the love that we have together .. we allow ourselves to live and fully enjoy this gorgeous day.

This is my perfect day. I can feel it already, it’s so close I can touch it and only thinking how it feels gives me more and more desire to create it. When did we stop creating our dreams? Who told us that growing up we should stop dreaming? Why are we afraid? What is fear? I’ve been talking and thinking about it so much lately..fighting it is an ongoing struggle, a lost battle. And why fighting it when we can face it, punch it hard and just say fuck off!!

What is your perfect day?

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