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Let it all go..

let go

Let go of all fears and their inherent old dusty scenarios, how futile it is to waste energy on it, and come back to presence, at this moment, now.

Let go of the past and all that it contains, you are not there anymore, you are

Let go of the victim role, find the courage to stop feeding it with your energy, raise above it, and feel how power will suddenly grow within you.

Let go of all masks, there is no need to be anything, authenticity is sovereignty.

Let go of all concepts and make-believe ideas that the so-ever-convincing mind is constantly pulsating in your field of awareness, investigate and dissect each one, and find what is true.

Let go of all expectations that you have for everything in this existence, and create room to allow life to surprise you from time to time.

Let go of all identities you have acquired throughout your lifetime, drop them all, and remain no one, no label, nothing.

Let go of all manipulation, make-things-happen behavior, controlling life or others, drop it, cut the root straight from its source: the mind. There is a divine timing for everything, trust.

Let go of all attachments to places, material things, humans, evolution, and knowledge, and see if you can allow them to come to you naturally when the time is right.

Let go of that old voice even and cultivate more silence, there’s a time for speaking and a time for being quiet.

Let go of beliefs, and try and discover on your own how it feels to breathe without them.

Let go of revenge, anger, envy, hatred, jealousy, and all the exhausting fusion of low negative emotions, instead of supporting growth they slow it down.

Let go of the body image, there is no such thing as perfection, the body is just a temporary vessel that with time ages and there is really nothing much to do about it, embrace it.

Let go of constantly seeking for something outside of you to make you happy, let it go, happiness is not out there. The happiness you cultivate is inside of you.

Let go..just let go, surrender. Free yourself from limitations and conditions.

There is great beauty in living life in the present moment and the only way to see this limitless beauty is to embody presence. Neten


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