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Beyond thought, the key to everything

Beyond thought, there is something unexpected. Between thoughts, a space indescribable, so peaceful and vast, complete. Words, no matter how or what language, words are hard to find to describe their beauty and value. Beyond thought is the key to everything, in between thoughts is the infinite, the space continuum, the vastness, and formlessness. The answer to all questions. The unspoken and undefined mystery. It was there from the beginning of life, never fading, never changing. A warm space, like the feeling of home.

How do you know? The unlearned can’t be learned, can’t be unveiled, and intellectual knowledge can’t grasp it. You only know, just know it, you can only be it and somehow experience how it unfolds, in its own time, and then suddenly harvest magical fruits from it. Slowly and deeply. You can only Be it, you can’t touch it, see it, feel it, or make it. Beyond perception and beyond thought. Far beyond. All attempts to reach it, to push it, to nurture it, are only moving farther from it. Beyond mind. Beyond body.

You can only be it. You are it. Without doubts, without fears. Fears, emotions, feelings, body, and memories, are not it. Formless, senseless, fearless. No teachings, no disciplines, no mantras, no bodily demands. Not needed. Nothing is needed for it to be. Absolutely nothing. It is always there, residing forever.

Nothing is needed to be everything. A lot is needed to be something.

The key to everything. Hidden and yet everywhere, shining brightly behind mind and form.


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