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Lessons are meant to be learned..


I absolutely and deeply love all my lessons, even the hard and painful ones! Each one of them got me to where I am now and I couldn’t be more grateful. Every tear, every scream of pain, every joy, every frustration, experience, every person I have met, places I have name it.. and every single one had a help me know myself, to change what doesn’t serve me, to accept life as is, to truly love, to grow, to guide me on the path to a better self.

Embracing dark with the same love as I embrace the light, both are parts of the end, we all are just some little perfectly imperfect humans trying to figure out things here on this little blue beautiful planet.

Start each day with a grateful Heart

I didn’t believe it for many years but now I know, not just believe it, now I feel it, not just observe it. Healing happens slowly but when you start to harvest the crops of your hard work, commitment, discipline, and faith, you will harvest a new You, a beautiful raw newborn You. And all the rest falls into place just like that, as a gift from the all Mighty Universe telling you “I got your back! You just keep on following your heart, trust your intuition and be kind, always!”

Look inside for answers!



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