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Let your heart guide you..and surrender.

No matter how much protection you put on, no matter how many plants or traditions you have supporting you, no matter what spiritual practice you use, or whatever type of path you have chosen to be on, you cannot escape your own mind, ego mind, dark side whatever you want to call it. Mind's entangled web of thoughts, concepts, beliefs, obsessions, ideas, and imagination. It's always there, in some louder and more dominant than in others,

There is something that you can do which I have discovered that helps to reduce the volume of it and softens slowly its grip it all comes down to being present, and even all the bright beings of this world will tell you this. How much do you allow your ego mind to overrule your life, and how loyal you are to it? What are your beliefs, how deeply are rooted in your being, and how attached you are to your person and ego? And trust that the ego can take many forms! It is also a question of surrendering to the flow of life too instead of trying to manipulate it.

"The world is not what you think it is, the world becomes what you think it is." Mooji

If all of the above have grown higher on you, then you are still under their “spell” and yes whatever you think will come to life eventually. That’s a fact. But if you detach yourself from the mind and stop engaging with whatever sneaky super smart scenarios are giving you, you will start to feel and experience the truth and stillness. You will start to see with your own “eyes of experience” what I am talking about. The more attention you put on something whether that is something good or bad, power or fear, the more & faster it will grow and manifest itself into your reality. The more you quiet and disengage from your mind’s web the stronger the Self gets and the flow of life synchronizes with you. Is as simple as that. And everything around gets a clarity that is truly hard to describe in words.

I am not saying that shamanism or any other tradition or practice is not helping, oh God we need more shamans, healers, light workers, and priests however you want to call them. we need more in this world! Beings with a pure heart, genuine smile, selfless and authentic. Everything around us has its purpose and meaning, even these mosquitos biting me right now. Play of God.

However, there’s something common that I found at the core of every single spiritual practice: your attention muscle - the most powerful muscle we have. How about training your attention muscle on stillness and awareness?

Takes time, loads of solitude, some sort of detachment pain derived from the person, discipline, and loads of self-awareness but if you make out of this inner search something that is your highest calling in this world, then all the right forces will come around to help you receive this gift of understanding, transformation, and actual experience. There will also be a lot of negative forces from the mind to keep you in the person and its concepts and beliefs, the mind will trick and test you in so many ways and will push all your sensitive buttons to keep you trapped into believing it..keep you under its control. But if you pay attention, you will start to catch it. Well, in the end, everybody has their own journey and truth..and each one of us knows better what’s inside our hearts.

I am not saying I know it all, I know so little. But I feel so much gratitude to have been blessed to know this much and yet to feel I know nothing and want to be nobody. I have identified a few attachments left to this world and each emotional reaction to them is showing me that. Yet, working on letting the heart act instead of the mind, feels liberating.. each time.

As I said, we all have a journey and things meant to experience as a person and as a being. It is what it is. And we are all the same, we all have layers and layers that take time to observe and remove, even you, even me. Everybody.

I don’t have the recipe for success in this weirdly interesting illusion we call life (no matter what they say I doubt anybody has it in truth), but I do have a strong intuitive “eye”, power of discernment, and resilience to what’s offered for my path. I just prefer to keep it to myself most of the time and allow others to be on their path without my egoic influence but more of my love, blessings, and understanding. Remember, you are what you think.

Let go. Surrender. Just let go.


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