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Start the cleaning ritual with yourself first!

Cleaning your soul mind and body

This spring start your yearly cleaning ritual with yourself first!

Begin with a deep excavation of your rooted fossils, give them a good dusting of all the old and buried emotions that live there, take them out to see the sun, and while you do that ask what you need to ask to understand them too. Set them free by saying Thank you and move on to your roots.

Clean your roots and add fresh loving nourishing soil to make sure they’re grounded well for the whole year. Promise them that you will go out in nature more often!

Go higher to your body, dust off the old bad habits, and nurture them with healthy ones. Remove all toxins and procrastination, and moisturize it with all sorts of movements, plants, fruits, and vegetables. Give it a good sprinkle of water, say Thank you, and move higher to your heart.

Hold your heart carefully like you would hold a little baby, remove all blockages and bandages, untangle all the cords, make sure you cut the ones that don’t serve you anymore, and let her breathe again to express her love freely. Accept her unconditional love and amalgam of emotions, forgive her for everything then cover her with warm kisses and hugs while Thanking her for keeping you alive every day. Put her back and cover her in a bubble of beautiful white light and move higher to your mind.

To heal is to touch with love that which previously touched with fear

Remove all the clutter of thoughts, fears, judgments, masks, expectations, desires, ideas, regrets, and grudges, and mostly be careful to scrub well the expediency.

When you are done, take a moment to observe the peaceful silence that waited for you to come to declutter it. Take a few deep breaths and Thank your whole body for holding your soul with love for such a long time.

Embrace, love, and be kind to yourself, you’re the only one you’ve got!

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