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The world in your the world within

Your world is always in harmony with your Being.

If you see a world full of adversity and egocentric minds, the infinite spinning circles are tightening, suffocating your Being and the small things that make this world better, the countless magical blessings that surround us every day, at every second of our existence, are blurred, spaced out.

If you see a world full of ingrained unconscious habits, and illnesses of the mind, body, or heart, the perfection of your expression and the human vessel is awaiting you to embrace it, believing that change happens at every second of our existence, at this moment here, now.

If you see a faithless world, full of doubt and confusion where time is the main dictator of your life, your perfect soul, your heart is calling you to remember your faith, to remember who you really are.

If you really open your eyes, you will see that only through this adversity, lack of faith, doubt, and unconscious mind, you can truly begin to see the contrast. And only through contrast, we can really “see” the opposite pole. You can’t recognize dark without light and you can’t recognize light without dark. They come together, united into One, and here all is well, peaceful, in perfect symmetry. Teachers, everywhere.

Here, now, is a world full of blessings everywhere, synchronicities at every breath, a world where there’s light in every Being living in this world, beauty in all that is as is, love in all hearts. A world where all that is seen as dark, is used as a “tool” to “mine” light, where faith and trust are above all else, a world where we accept the other just as it is and where we see perfection in imperfection, beauty in ugliness, love in hate.

All is a mirror..a mirror of your Being. Smile and be happy, here, now. Neten



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