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Why you should not listen to your mind

I cannot not talk about it because it’s so ridiculously funny and I am sure many can agree with this.

Isn’t amazing how sometimes the mind is going into such intense future dialogues that the mind suddenly invents and decides by itself that they might happen in the future or even about how the mind re-writes the speech you have given over dinner last week and what you could’ve said better, funnier or different.

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right!

And sometimes it becomes such a complete full-on dialogue between the mind and the mind and we consciously give it so much attention and belief. It’s so funny I had to write about it this night.

I was simply getting ready to sleep and my mind started creating dialogues for tomorrow, I was not even thinking about it. I just wanted to drift away into the dreamland. And then my buddy the monkey found some bananas to play with.

I just wanted to sleep not invent scenarios, all the rest, future, past, thoughts, to-dos, God knows what..all can wait.

Your mind needs training just as much as your body needs!

So here’s my take on it: If all this chatter is not real, why in the world do we believe it? If the mind says jump, why do we jump? Are we slaves to our minds? I thought to myself this night, I gotta write again about this, it’s too ridiculous.

We are in charge of our minds, not our minds of us. And if you wonder what exactly you should follow then maybe you should look into the power of discernment. There’s this feeling that keeps on reminding me how funny all this is, that what the mind is chattering at 1:42 am is not real and I know that this is true.

I can't blame the mind, the monkey does what the monkey wants to do. It might be my truth, my journey, my discovery but I can say with an honest heart that Oh God ..feels so good when you simply observe it and not engage with it!




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