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You can't pour from an empty cup..

It’s not an option anymore to take care of each other, it simply doesn’t work no matter what. Change doesn’t start by advising your neighbor on how to live a better life when your home is on ‘fire’. And I am not talking about compassion, nurturing others brings so much joy, I know, feel and practice that. I am talking about the reality of how humans are functioning lately. Nobody sees that if we are not whole inside, we can’t give what we don’t have, we can’t set an example of what we’re not in reality. We can’t advice when we are not asked. Doesn’t work like this. And, definitely, we can’t advise what we don’t practice or believe in our hearts. Everybody feels and sees what’s right or wrong, some might be shadowed but they can still feel..the hypocrisy in your speech. You can’t pour from an empty cup, can you?

Change starts with us, FIRST. Doesn’t it?

We are all so wise and enlightened all of a sudden, we are all so e-educated, we are all gurus or God knows what..but my question is: Isn’t that another mask of our ego? How many out there are actually authentic and real living examples of a changed life? How many actually understand what enlightenment really is, for example? Plus, such a vast pool of information, articles, advice, and life quotes out there. We don’t even read anymore to understand it, we share it so we can look interesting, and we tickle our ego..feels good. Lol.

Are we missing the point here?

I is so simple to copy and paste, share or re-write it. But do you believe it? Do you practice it in your daily routine? Do you resonate with it? Are you the living proof of what you preach? We are not even really listening anymore, we are busy preparing the reply and moving on..what the fuck is next..oh wait let me do that..NEXT NEXT.’ “Did you say something else?..I hope I helped” lol

It took me a few years to actually understand that I can’t offer what I don’t have..that would just make me a hypocrite. Doesn’t it? I refuse to be a hypocrite! How do we want people to see what we truly are if we are legends only in our heads and on social channels? I had to experience, to live through failures and traumas, disappointments, fears, heartbreaks and loads of tears to realize that I can’t help others if I can’t help myself first, regardless of what’s that about. I can’t love a so-called ‘better half” if I can’t love myself first. Maybe we should start on the premise that we will help each other grow, individually. That would be a game-changer isn’t it?

Love, in all forms, is FREE.

That is the purest form of Love.

Is only through authenticity, compassion, vulnerability, and self-love that we can start to pour out that beautiful light that we ALL have in our hearts. Yes, we ALL have it..and it comes out naturally..

Loving others by taking care of them? Is that really love? How about loving others by taking care of ourselves, FOR them?

When we are at our best, everything around is blooming, we inspire, we set examples, we shine and that is pure it’s really rare, so damn rare...

I no longer see any other way..and I am still learning every day.

Or at least settle for planting a ‘seed’ instead, a ‘seed’ that comes from your heart..not from a copy-paste..

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