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Welcome to Neten Private Center

I am absolutely delighted to have you here! 

Here are the HOUSE RULES:​

  • I encourage a SMOKING, DRUGS, and ALCOHOL-FREE environment. The designated smoking area is at the entrance gate and kindly do not throw your buds on the ground but use the trash.​

  • The retreat schedule is located on the fridge. Do make sure you familiarize yourself with it, keep in mind that as this is a private retreat the schedule is flexible and if you have questions please ask. 

  • All meals are served in the dining area - as self-service. Please let me know if you have any allergies. Tea, water, and fruits are available all the time, simply serve yourself. For coffee kindly ask me (if you are allowed). Please clean after yourself once you are done and leave the plates and cutleries to dry in the left sink

  • The community and house are safe however, I encourage you to keep your belongings in the room. I am not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  • If you need to do a load of laundry, please let me know. 

  • Please do not keep food in the room, you can store it in the kitchen. We live in the jungle and want to avoid little crawlers nesting in the house.​

  • DO NOT THROW toilet paper in the toilet but use the garbage bin.​ The septic system is very sensible!

  • The egg chairs can support a maximum of 198 pounds or 90 kg weight. If you are using the hammocks, please bring them back inside if it starts to rain or notify me quickly.

  • While you are here please do not use strong-smelling perfumes or deodorants, especially if you are about to step into a ceremony

  • To get the most of your time here, kindly keep your phone on silent and in your room when we have an activity/session together.  

  • House quiet time is between 9 pm and 6 am. If you go for a walk or spend some time on the terrace, do make sure you close the doors and gate after you.

  • Please do not feed the cat, she has her own food. She is also a free spirit and usually I keep the screen doors a bit open for her to come and go as she pleases.

  • If you wake up early, feel free to be yourself, go out for a walk, workout on the terrace (there are yoga mats and weights behind the right egg chair) meditate with the sounds of the jungle, journal with a tea, or simply just relax in the hammocks. I have my own routine in the morning that I am loyal to before the designated daily retreat schedule.​

  • If you need anything, please ask me. It will be my absolute pleasure to help!

  • I strongly encourage you to disconnect while you are here but if you need internet please scan the QR code from the flyer.

Behavior policy

  • Sexual harassment, racism, or other forms of discrimination are not permitted. 

  • Threatening, verbal abuse, physical aggression, or any form of violence will not be permitted and will be subject to expulsion from the program. In this case, no refund will be given.

  • Please wear decent clothes at all times and respect the environment and facilitator.

  • And always remember to be kind!


Inner child workshop (2h)

Understanding Programming workshop (2h)

Goal setting & Mind mapping workshop (1h)

CBT Process (core beliefs) workshop (1h)

Truth-telling (Couple therapy workshop) (2-3h)

Reconnection (Couple therapy workshop) (2h)

Finding balance workshop (1h)

Embodying presence workshop (1h)

Shamanic ceremonies

Emotional release ritual (1h)

Cacao Heart opening ceremony (2h)

Angelica SPA Institute

90 min Full Body Deep Tissue Massage


Prices do not include taxes.

600 USD

500 USD

400 USD

550 USD

850 USD

650 USD

250 USD

250 USD

Please ask

300 USD

250 USD

120 USD

Please ask


Part of the mission is to create safe spaces for learning and expression; as such, I reserve the right to dismiss a participant at any time before, during, or after a program if he or she becomes dangerous or harmful to me, her/himself or others and/or if causes property damage (which implies that you will have to cover the full cost of what was damaged). I reserve the right to dismiss a participant if he or she partakes in drugs or alcohol during workshop hours. If a participant is dismissed, absolutely no refunds will be given.

People say

I had a calling to visit Costa Rica for about 6 months. As soon as I came across Neten's spiritual retreat, I knew I wanted to come here. Away from the rest of society, Neten taught me how to go within myself and find my true authentic self. I came to Costa Rica suffering from depression and anxiety without any motivation for life.


Even though I had been exceeding in my career and external life, my internal self was dying. Through working with Neten, learning about my inner child and learning how to shift my focus to myself, my soul had been rebirth. The valuable methods and techniques she taught me, I took home with me and use them in my daily life now. I miss you Neten and I’m sure we will meet again.


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