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The birth of a rainbow

Drop everything you know, the idea of what you think you are, your desires and attachments, the pains and gains, everything, leave them all aside just for a tiny minute, simply sit in the witness chair and look..just look. Look inside of yourself for a little bit.

Just like the clouds, everything is moving, coming and going, shifting and transforming, growing and dying and it has been like this for as long as we know. Even the good and the bad, the beauty and the ugliness are all a part of it too; Our emotions change, our bodies change, and everything has a certain time and rhythm. And yet, there is something that doesn’t, something that is always ever present, watching the play of life from birth to eternity, with all the games, concepts, and ideas. Inquire, who is it, that is watching, what is it, that is always the same, with no end and no beginning, with no form and no identity. Discover for yourself.

A little rainbow is born in the beauty and vastness of the sky and then it disappears, just to teach us through a glimpse of presence the impermanency of everything, which is always observed by something bigger than ourselves or even words.

The real beauty of this wonderful play we call life, lies in presence.

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